Back on the Write Track

Finally I am back to actually writing.

Yes, gone are the long spring and summer months of editing and formatting… and editing some more. Book 1 of Prophecy of Innocence is now with some of  my beta readers and will be winging its way to a couple more in due course. And so while I await their feedback I am now free to knuckle down to the writing of Book 2.  However this time I am writing with all the knowledge I have acquired over the past year whilst I was editing and so it feels very different this time around.

Firstly it’s extremely refreshing and liberating as I got so used to editing,  I had forgotten what actually creating something from scratch was like! With writing I just get to write the thoughts and main ideas floating round in my head onto the page. It doesn’t matter entirely if they are not in order or what verbs or adjectives I use. It doesn’t matter if I repeat the same word three times because I know I can go back later and change it. With writing I can simply concentrate on creation. Secondly this time round is different as  I am bringing established characters back to life after they have had a little holiday, rather than writing them from scratch. This time I get to build on them and develop their characteristics further. Not only that but this time  I get to unleash some real bad guys;  some really nasty, sinister pieces of work – because Book 1 was all a bit ‘nice’ in many ways. Thirdly this time is different because I feel I am better at writing. I have learned so much that I know this first draft will (hopefully) need a lot less work when I come to edit it than Book 1 did. I know how to show rather than tell for a start!

In other ways Book 2 is proving to be much more challenging. This is not necessarily a negative thing but there are certain aspects I am finding much more difficult and which have given me a bit of a headache. To begin with, I have lost the naivety I had when I was writing Book 1. I hadn’t read any writing blogs 2 years ago when I first started writing. I just wrote. Now I have all this advice and dos and don’ts floating around my head.  Secondly, with Book 1, I was creating a world and building up from a start point.  From a blank page. Now I have to constantly refer back and ensure there is continuity in plot and characters and spelling of all the stupidly ridiculous names I have created in Book 1. (My own fault I shouldn’t have played around with language so much!) Book 2 is also more challenging because I have to keep Book 3 in mind  as well and know where I am heading and how they will link together.  With Book 1 it was only forward looking. With Book 2 I have had to reintroduce characters , bearing in mind that when the books are finally published some readers may have read Book 1 but others will not have and they may read Book 2 first. The challenge here is to write so as to remind readers of the characters and plot of Book 1 without boring them, but also to ensure new readers would have enough information to understand what had gone before. A tricky balancing act.

Despite the challenges though, I am very much enjoying being back to writing. After all, this is the fun part: Creating something new, moulding it from nothing but your own imagination and discovering the unexpected and surprising things the characters do.  Happily, I can keep on this track until Book 1 is returned to me when it will be back to editing and formatting ready for publication.

This writing journey does not happen on a straight path. Oh no. The road to publishing is beset with  many twists, turns and forks in the road. And right now, I am very much enjoying the particular path I am on.

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