Where are we now?

My writing mojo is depleted at the moment. I am not writing much for Book 2 and I am in limbo with moving forward with the self publishing of Prophecy of Innocence Book 1 as I wait for the feedback from beta readers. I am not being lazy or suffering from writer’s block, I just feel slightly burnt out after 2 whole years on it and need a little break from writing.

So why do I feel so guilty? Is it because I keep reading about the progress of others? Is it because every blog or tweet I read from writers is telling me that to be a writer, I need to write otherwise I am simply a fraud who isn’t doing what I say on the tin? Or perhaps it is because when I do write, I get lovely positive feedback from other newcomers to this writing business who spur me on and congratulate me when I do write a lot, and so feel bad for letting them down?

First and foremost, I do have a day job. It does have to come first. Sometimes that frustrates me but sometimes I just want to be in that zone because I do love my job (most of the time.) Other times I just want it out of the way so I can write. It’s always a double edged sword!

Whatever it is, I am not beating myself up about not writing, or editing or even looking at my works in progress at the moment. I like writing for the flexibility it gives me. The journey isn’t over by any means. I am just taking a little holiday. One which involves a lot of reading, which I had forgotten how much I enjoy and need to do.Until next time when I may have something more insightful to say on the journey of writing a children’s fantasy novel… thanks for reading.


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2 responses to “Where are we now?

  1. calliedeanne

    I don’t think there are any rules to writing and I don’t know of anyone who has the authority to tell anyone else what makes a real writer. Don’t beat yourself up about taking a break, everyone needs a break. Enjoy the time to think about other things. Writing will be there when you’re ready again.

  2. Absolutely. I love writing of course but feel there is a massive weight of expectation sometimes. As for rules, I have never followed the crowd so guessing after 38 years that won’t change! Some stuff I read though doesn’t half make you realise there’s snobbery in every walk of life. The one thing you can rely on from others who are writing novels for the first time though is support. Thanks for yours 🙂

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