What a Difference a Year Makes.

So it seems I have been blogging for a year.

Which simply means I’ve been writing about writing (and a few other things,) for a year.

Which means I’ve probably done less on my novel than I should have this year.

However, I’m not going to have any regrets, because I know me, and one of my ‘things’ is that  I need to deconstruct and analyse stuff in order to understand it more fully. There are times simply by saying something out loud to someone, however stupid it might make me look, can help me have a light-bulb moment or find a solution. Blogging has done this for me. My blogs may not have been particularly informative to others, though I seem to have entertained a few of you! 🙂 Nevertheless, I have learned much from constructing my own posts. Perhaps not necessarily about blogging, but that’s for deeper analysis another day.

When I started out on this blog a year ago, I set out with the very specific aim to simply blog on my writing journey about the children’s novel I am writing. This I did, diligently for a while. Posting regularly scheduled pieces focused on various aspects of my writing.

If you’re a regular visitor (and for that, I thank you enormously) you will know, somewhere along the way, this went off the boil a bit. My first off on a tangent post was about depression, although it was from the slant about how it helped my writing process. After this,  I found blogging about some personal things cathartic and helpful to developing my writing in general. It was also the post which seemed to resonate with more people than any of my previous posts.

Since then I have blogged about my relationship with Twitter, my hatred for acronyms and selfies, loneliness, Friday Phrases, youth and growing older as well taking part in the A-Z blog challenge back in April where I posted a piece every day.  I have also published a few short stories and a couple of poems on here. I’ve even taken part in blog hops and was nominated for a few blogging awards. Wow and phew! It’s been quite a lot of writerly fun. I’ve discovered other’s great blogs too as part of the WordPress community and look forward when I log into the reader to find out what others out there are posting about. I have to say everyone else seems to have A LOT more focus than I do!

One thing which has changed since the beginning is the length of my posts. They’ve definitely got longer. My verbosity knows no bounds it seems. Now, this is something I’ve vowed I am going to work this year to rectify. I intend to set myself a word limit and try and stick to it. I think this is definitely a requirement for me to sharpen up my writing in general. (I can almost hear the sighs of relief.)

I’m also going to try very hard to blog more about writing, as I’m sure people come here looking for more on that, given the name of this blog! I feel I need to make these, as well as some other changes, as despite having a steady increase of followers to the blog, when I look at my stats, I’m not getting many more views per week on average. This might be partly due to the fact I don’t do enough to promote myself, or possibly that my content is all a little too personal, rather than giving a well rounded impersonal take on issues which interest people or advice on writing.

I don’t do advice on writing though, because I’m not an authority and never will be so I can only write about my own experiences.

However having read Drew Chial’s latest piece, (The Myth of the Self-Made Blogger) I’ve decided I need to do something to change the blog, as we all know: if you keep doing the same thing, you only get the same results. The number doesn’t bother me simply as a number, but as any writer knows, whatever you are writing, you want to speak to as many people as possible. You can’t help but want to reach as many people as you can. For me, I started this blog because I was writing a novel and I had read it was expected for authors to have a blog. I think I started off believing that visitors to my blog would be people interested in children’s fantasy novels. Hmmmmm. Turns out people visit blogs for all sorts of reasons and it has little to do with wanting to read your novel. The great thing for me is, people can visit here, and discover my writing style in a different setting. This is a by product of what I first set out to do, but a welcome one. I write and people read, and surely this is what writers of anything, other than a personal diary, want; readership?

So from now on my (quite loose) pledges for Writeaway are:

-More focus on (though not exclusively) writing related content. (Not preachy advice ones though!)

-Shorter posts with a word limit of 2000 words (self imposed!)

-Maybe try and shift to a less biased viewpoint, if I can, although no definite promises as my style is my style.

– I’m not sure I can promise a complete halt to my soap box posts, but then I’m not sure I want to. 🙂

-Promote my posts more, not just on Mondays which I tend to be guilty of. I stopped promoting on Facebook too after my posts diversified away from writing for fear of family and friends reading them. Irony has it they’d probably be more interested in some of that stuff, because, although friends and family try to be supportive in the beginning, they’re not interested in writing processes. But a rant about acronyms? Perhaps they’d enjoy that.

Finally I would like to say a big thank you to all of those who regularly read my stuff and especially to those who take the time to comment or share it. You are very much appreciated and make the effort of spilling these rambles out on the page worth the eye squinting in the dark effort. 🙂

So here’s to another year…and…

Thank you, as ever, for reading. 🙂


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8 responses to “What a Difference a Year Makes.

  1. Congrats on making the year! Looking forward to your Year 2 posts. 🙂 I think the “shorter posts” idea is probably a good one – I find I only have so many posts I can read due to time constraints, and I never seem to get time to read most of the longer ones, even if they are good!

    • Thanks Sue. Yes I know how you feel as I often look at a blog word count and sigh if it’s too long, simply from lack of time. Therefore, full of empathy, I do seek to reduce the word count henceforth! Thank as always for reading 🙂

  2. Barbara

    Yay for a whole year of blogging! I’ve enjoyed many of your posts, especially when you get on that ‘soapbox’! Your rants resonate a lot with me, and you write about what bugs you so well! I wish you continued success in your blogging/writing adventure!

    • Thank you so much Barbara, and thanks for sticking with me! I definitely won’t be coming off my soap box, just because I don’t think I know how to. I think people generally accept it all in good humour because I always point out, it is only my point of view, my opinion. No one has to agree. The people who do often comment, those who don’t…well I’ve never had any backlash or abuse. Touch wood! Thanks for reading and commenting 🙂

  3. Dee Lancaster

    Please don’t get off the soap box! And writing about writing is great, and you do a great job of that, but I like your other stuff too. I makes me want to meet you for coffee since I bet those rants are what we’d end up talking about. Congratulations and keep it up. You make me want to be brave enough to finally launch my own webpage & blog.

    • That is so lovely of you Dee. Go for it with the blog; you’ve nothing to lose! and if you ever find yourself in the UK we will definitely get coffee and put the world to rights! 🙂

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