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I’d like to start by saying a big thanks to Amy Good for tagging me in this blog hop. Amy had some extremely kind words to say about my blog on her own “Why I Write” post. Thank you Amy!  You should go and take a look at her fantastic blog on http://www.amicgood.com/ Amy is a person who I very much look up to in the writing world. She is someone who has overcome difficult obstacles to pursue writing, and so she is a bit of a heroine of mine. Not only for that, but also for being the brains behind Twitter’s most fun Friday writing game: Friday Phrases as well as being our very own Story Bandit!


So why do I write? When Amy asked me to do this, almost immediately a string of thoughts popped into my head, and as is often the case, a string of rhyming thoughts. So I decided to do this in my rhyme style. (I’d call it poetry but I think we’d be stretching the term too far there for the purists.) So here it is…

2014-09-14 19.51.08


 I write because I want to

I write because I can,

I write to create a fantasy world

Just like that of Peter Pan.

I write to escape reality

Of what this life has to give,

I write because I’ve found

No better way to live.

I write so I can create

A world that’s never been,

 I write to show the universe

Images yet unseen.

I write because I have stories

Buried deep inside,

I write to unlock their treasures

So they’re remembered once I’ve died.

I write to entertain

I write to make us think,

I write to spark thoughts and ideas

To provide a missing link.

I write because I like to

See words form upon the page,

I write because just sometimes

It’s the best way to release the rage.

I write because our language

Is varied, rich and fun,

 I write to play around with words

And find the perfect pun.

I write to reach out to others

So they might hear my words,

Perhaps what I say will help them

To find freedom with the birds.

I write to make a difference

In hope somebody will hear,

A message which may overcome

Their sadness or their fear.

I write to express the thoughts

Which get tangled in my head

The ones I can’t express out loud

The ones which would never get said.

I write in hope that one day, maybe,

I’ll make money from my art,

That way I’ll be able to spend more time

Following what is here, within my heart.


So they are all my reasons for writing. Yes, even the honest one about trying to make a living from it. I guess the main reason comes in the line “I write to express the thoughts which get tangled in my head.” I’ve always written, just not for an audience. Therefore I’d say this is my primary reason for writing. I’ve simply chosen, more recently, to share those thoughts with others.

I think the reasons I write are probably very similar to why others write. I don’t think people’s reasons for writing vary too much. Perhaps their reasons for why they took it up may be different, and if you want to know more about why I started writing then you can find out more by visiting the other pages of this blog.

In the meantime I need to point you in the direction of these fine writers/bloggers and hopefully they will tell you in more in depth detail about why they write than I’ve managed. 🙂

Callie Armstrong: Callie writes and reads more than I have hot dinners. Writing I know is in her blood and her main passion. On her blog you will find many great examples of heart-wrenching stories, most with an historical bias, which she insists are ‘rough drafts.’ The inverted commas there will tell you I think otherwise. You can find her magnificent work at http://calliedeanne.com/

Siofra Alexander: Keeper of the most extraordinary imagination and writer of dream diaries which should have us all in envy for the plethora of ideas which they must generate for stories. Siofra is a writer who specialises in fantasy and beautiful poetry. You can find out more about her, her writing and her fantastical dreams on her blog at http://siofraalexander.com/


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9 responses to “Why I Write

  1. Love the poem 🙂 My favorite lines are “I write because I have stories / Buried deep inside, / I write to unlock their treasures / So they’re remembered once I’ve died” and “I write to express the thoughts / Which get tangled in my head / The ones I can’t express out loud / The ones which would never get said.” Both speak to me on why we write, you expressed that beautifully.

    Thank you for the kind words regarding my blog. I appreciate your lovely comments very much 🙂

    Keep on blogging and good luck as you continue on your writing journey!

  2. I loved your poem! So many wonderful reasons to write and you’ve captured it all so well. 🙂

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